Dani Beck

Detective Dani Beck is a fictional character on the TV crime drama series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit portrayed by Connie Nielsen

Dani Beck
Time on Show: 2006-Present
Succeeded: Olivia Benson (as temporary replacement while undercover)
Preceded: CURRENT
First Appearance: Clock
Last Appearance: November, 21st, 2006
Portrayed By: Connie Nielsen

Character Biography

Born in Denmark, Beck is a multi-lingual warrants detective who comes from a specialized unit of the New York City Police. She is assigned to the Special Victims Unit as Elliot Stabler's partner after his previous partner, Olivia Benson, is reassigned to a special temporary operation with the FBI.

Beck is portrayed as a dedicated cop, to the point of being described as "overzealous" by the precinct's captain, Don Cragen. Prior to her reassignment in SVU, Beck was averaging over a dozen arrests a month, in a department where eight arrests is considered above average. It has been implied that she might have been transferred from her old unit because her eagerness created problems; Cragen mentions that she has at least one case of false arrest on her record. Later in that same episode, Beck leads Stabler to arrest an innocent man. It is later revealed that she knew the man was cleared by fingerprint evidence, but chose to arrest him anyway because she was convinced that he had to be the guilty party.

However overly eager Beck may be in certain cases, her dedication is just as helpful as it may sometimes be harmful. When she admits her mistake in the case described above, she then stays at the precinct all night, researching, so that she would not make the same mistake twice.

Beck met her husband, Michael Dooley, while he was in the military, stationed in Germany (where Dani had been studying at university). After they married and came to America, he joined the NYPD; three years prior to Beck's SVU assignment, her husband attempted to arrest two juveniles who had stolen a car, and was killed in the ensuing melee. While one of the youths was himself murdered in a prison fight, Beck has consistently visited the other one at Attica Correctional Facility (and had repeatedly blocked his attempts to be paroled); eventually, she learns to forgive the young man, reasoning that it would destroy her life if she continued to fixate on her husband's killer.

Thus far, Beck is known to be able to speak both English and French; presumably, though she has not yet spoken it on the show, she also speaks Danish.

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