Detective Brian Cassidy was a chracter on the hit show Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

Detective Brian Cassidy
Time on Show: 1999-2000
Succeeded: XXXXXXXXX
First Appearance: Payback
Last Appearence: Disrobed
Portrayed By: Dean Winters

Brian Cassidy was the youngest detective to ever serve in Manhattan's 16th precint, also known as the "Sex-Crimes" or "Special Victims" unit.

Cassidy was most often partnered with Detective John Munch and less often with Detective Monique Jeffries.

Since Cassidy was the youngest and newest detective the squad had, he had a driving force to prove himself. Unfortunatly he did not possess the professionial detachment that was needed to deal with the horrors he saw investigating sex crimes. This often led him to have trouble concealling or letting go of his anger and disgust against the cases he investigated and often led him to a have a tension relationship with his co-workers. This was made even more so by the habit of his co-workers to poke fun of his lack of social graces.

Cassidy, though, attempted to learn from the detectives in his squad, ecspecially Detective Munch, whom Cassidy looked up to as a older brother or mentor.

After a year of sex crimes, Cassidy finally decided he could not stomach the crimes anymore and left to deal with NYPD's Narcotics Division.

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